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Physics of Fluctuations far from Equilibrium International workshop - July 02 - 06, 2007.

Invited speaker (L. Gammaitoni) on July 3 will present a talk entitled Noise Limited computational speed

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INFN Perugia - Congressino di Sezione.

On May 16, 2007, L. Gammaitoni will briefly present the work done in the NiPS Laboratory for the Virgo experiment and the LISA R&D activity.

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L. Gammaitoni, Seminar at the International Conference, PAW2007. Proteins At Work.

On May 28, 2007, L. Gammaitoni will present a talk at the "PAW2007. Proteins At Work" international Conference on "Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics as a modeling tool for proteins evolution"
Nonlinear stochastic dynamics basic tools are presented and applied to noise activated complex dynamics of prototype toy-models. Connections to proteins evolution in a fluctuation dominated environment are discussed with a top-down (energy landscape based) approach.

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Announcement: International conference on Stochastic Resonance in 2008, in Perugia.

The N.i.P.S. Laboratory is proud to announce an unpcoming important event: the International Conference STOCHASTIC RESONANCE 2008, to be held in Perugia on Aug. 24-28, 2008.

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Seminar: Virgo verso la piena operativita'. Dipartimento di Fisica, April 2, 2007.

Helios Vocca talks about the new phase (scientific data acquisition) of the Virgo experiment.

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SUBTLE Meeting in Perugia, Italy 22-23 March 2007.

The next collaboration meeting of the SUBTLE project will be held in Perugia, Italy on 22 March, 2007.
The meeting will be hosted at the Hotel Gio' in Perugia, Italy.

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L. Gammaitoni, Seminar at the Settimana della Scienza, 19 Marzo 2007, Perugia.

On March 19 at 16:30, L. Gammaitoni will speak at the "Settimana della Scienza" festival on "Perché è difficile predire il futuro? La fisica non-lineare e la teoria del caos spiegata ai profani."

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L. Gammaitoni, Seminar at the Milano Bicocca Congresso di Dipartimento: Fisica "in vivo". 13 e 14 Marzo 2007, MILANO.

On March 14 at 14.00, L. Gammaitoni is at the Congresso di Diaprtimento of the University of Milano "Bicocca", presenting a talk on "Rumore e dinamica non-lineare: Risonanza Stocastica e altri fenomeni "sorprendenti".

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Group Wokrshop at the Castello di Moterone, Perugia.

Starting Friday March 9 we will held a Group Workkshop finalized to present the various research activities in the N.i.P.S Laboratory. The workshop will be hosted at the beautifull medieval Castello di Monterone, in Perugia (see
Here please find the agenda of the meeting. All the interested people is welcome to join the meeting.

Intervista di Helios Vocca a Caterpillar

È possibile trasformare il rumore in energia? Scopriamo insieme uno dei risvolti positivi del rumore con Helios Vocca intervistato sul progetto wisepower nel programma Caterpillar di Radio 2.

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