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Energy harvesting at micro scale - Seminar at the University of Parma

Parma, 4 Feb 2016


Luca Gammaitoni presented a Seminar at the Physics Department of the University of Parma, entitled "Energy harvesting at micro scale". This was part of the Seminar Series organized periodically by the Department.

Here please find the slides of the presentation.

L. Gammaitoni visits the University of Glasgow

Glasgow 17 Feb 2016



Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS director, paid a two days visit at the University of Glasgow.

During the visit he had meetings with Prof. Sheila Rowan, in the framework of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration for gravitational waves obeservation (virgo-pg web site) and with prof. Douglas Paul in the framework of the european project ICT-Energy (

First detection of gravitational waves: the contribution of the Virgo Perugia group



12 February, 2016

Lunedì prossimo 15 Febbraio alle ore 10:00 presso il Rettorato (aula del dottorato) dell’Università di Perugia conferenza stampa per illustrare i risultati della collaborazione LIGO/Virgo ed il contributo del gruppo di Perugia (virgo-pg web site).

L. Gammaitoni presents a Seminar at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Toronto


Toronto, 29th Jan, 2016


Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS director spoke at the University of Toronto today at 2 pm.

The seminar entitled "Energy management at micro scales" was part of the Seminar series organized by the Department of Mechanical engineering.

During the visit, L. Gammaitoni, discussed recent results of the research activity with the members (photo) of the group led by Jean Zu, Department head.

Amici della Polonia in Umbria organized a Maria Sklodowska Curie celebration in Gubbio


Gubbio, Jan 16th, 2016


"The association Amici della Polonia in Umbria" organized a Maria Sklodowska Curie celebration in Gubbio.
This is the agenda of the event:


L. Gammaitoni at MIT to discuss NiPS Laboratory research


Cambridge (MA) USA, Jan 28th 2016


Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS Laboratory director, visited MIT to present some of the recent results obtained in the lab. 

During his visit Gammaitoni met with Stan Lloyd and Kostya Turistyn at the Mechanical Eneginereeng Department of MIT and with Neal G. Andersen of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.