Understanding performance numbers in HW Design

Content of the lecture:

In this talk I will explain the main performance criteria that researchers are interested in when evaluating their designs. I will discuss how people usually report area, operating speed, power and energy numbers and have a discussion on how reliable these numbers are as well as mention some of the pitfalls that you have to avoid. This talk will help you get a better understanding of the process of obtaining performance numbers for your own designs and allow you to be a better judge of the hardware evaluation results reported by others.

Teacher: Dr. Frank K. G├╝rkaynak

Frank K. G├╝rkaynak is a Senior Scientist working in the Digital Circuits and Systems Group led by Luca Benini at ETH Zurich. He is also the director of the Microelectronics Design Center that manages the IC design flows and EDA licenses for research groups of ETH Zurich and has been involved in the design and test of numerous ASICs in his career.