Thin films solid state batteries

Content of the lecture:
  • Deposition techniques
  • Electrode and electrolyte materials
  • Substrate and packaging
  • Stacking of standalone batteries
  • Electrical performances
  • Applications
Teacher: Dr. Raphael Salot

Dr. Raphaël Salot is Head of the CEA-LETI Embedded Micro battery Laboratory. He holds a PhD in materials and electrochemical science. He works at CEA since 1996 as a research engineer and is in charge of the micro-battery development since 2000. He now manages the R&D activities of CEA/LETI on lithium thin film batteries. He is the coordinator of the ENSO European project dedicated to development of autonomous Micro Energy System, with a 80 M€ budget. He is the author of 30 patents in the field of energy storage.