3D printed energy harvesting materials and systems

Content of the lecture:

This lecture will give an insight of energy harvesting from ambient vibrations and how the 3D printing technology can revolutionize the fabrication process. It will start with vibrational energy harvesting basics principles, then it will go on to examine the capabilities of 3D printing in energy harvesting towards making materials and systems optimized, including complex geometries and multi-material integration for improved efficiency. Some of the very latest developments in 3D printing for new electroactive materials and miniaturization techniques for vibration energy harvesting systems will be also discussed. The lecture with finally provide some perspectives in sustainability in of 3D printed energy harvesting systems, with a perspective of emerging research directions, tailored for both Ph.D. students and scholars to get help in their study and research.

Teacher: Prof. Francesco Cottone

Francesco Cottone is associate professor at Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia (Italy). He is internationally recognized for his research in nonlinear vibrational energy harvesting systems. His scientific expertise includes nonlinear energy harvesting systems, MEMS/NEMS and innovative piezoelectric materials. He is responsible of the micro and nano technology for energy laboratory and NANOFAB project at department of Physics which is part of NiPS research group. In the framework of VITALITY project, he is leading the research in innovative materials and devices for energy harvesting. He is member of the PowerMEMS, technical panel committee and co-chair of the EnerHarv 2024 international conference. He is associate editor and referees of APL, PRL and Electronics. His publications counts more than 4800 citations.