Advanced and post lithium-ion batteries technologies and perspectives

Content of the lecture:

The introductory part of the lesson will cover first the importance of energy storage in our society with a brief description of the available devices. The attention will then be focused on electrochemical storage devices (batteries and supercaps) with brief notes on their historical development.

In the main part, the lithium ion battery system will be described in detail, discussing the state of the art and future developments in terms of materials and performances towards target applications. A section dedicated to the development of lithium systems with higher power and energy densities will follow with the discussion of the lithium metal battery, the lithium-sulfur and the lithium-oxygen systems.

Finally, we will discuss the possibilities beyond lithium: i.e. chemistries based on alkaline and alkaline earth elements and thermally regenerable batteries.

Teacher: Prof. Riccardo Ruffo

Riccardo Ruffo is Associate Professor at the University of Milano Bicocca. He got the Master Degree in Chemistry (1997), the Master Degree in Materials Science (2001), and the PH.D. in Material Science (2004).  In 2008 and in 2014 he was Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University. His research interests cover several fields of applied electrochemistry as active materials for energy storage (rechargeable batteries and supercaps) and production (fuel cells), and for electrochromic applications (electroactive polymers).