SUBTLE is the acronym for SUB kT Low Energy transistors and sensors, a project that aims at introducing a completely new class of electronic devices characterized by two strategic features: nano-scale physical dimensions combined with nonlinear dynamics characteristics providing noise enhanced functioning.
The physics of nano-scale electronic devices is a very active and competitive field internationally. The project partners, among which the NiPS lab, believe that the innovative approach based on the tailored combination of noise and nonlinearity will result in a strong impact for the entire field.
Next Friday, the 12th of December, a meeting of the international SUBTLE research team will be held in Brussels to analyse the state of the art of the project and to discuss the future development of this field. A representative from the NiPS lab will be in Brussels to present the research developed and the results reached at the Physic Department of the Perugia University.

Transistors and sensors of the future
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