On December 1, 2009 the Final Review meeting of the EC founded project SUBTLE will be held in Brussels.

The 6 groups that have contributed to this 3 years program are:

– Microstructure Laboratory at Würzburg University, Germany
– VTT Micro and Nanoelectronics of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
– Nanometer Structure Consortium (nmC) at Lund University, Sweden
– University of Geneva, Mesoscopic physics group, Switzerland
– Noise in Physical Systems (NiPS) Laboratory at the Physics Department of University of Perugia, Italy
– XENOS Semiconductor Technologies GmbH, Germany

More details on the project web site: http://subtle.fisica.unipg.it/



      10:00-10.20: Introduction by coordinator: overview and general aspects
      10.20 -12.00: Technical presentation: 15 min for each WP + 5 min discussion given by WP leaders
                   WP1: Theory of electrical switching and sensing
                   WP2: Technologies for subthermal switching devices
                   WP3: EC feedback and single SR devices
                   WP4: Multiterminal nodes
                   WP5: Sensors & noise enhanced switching
13.00-13.20: summary by coordinator
13.20-13.40: management + financial status
13.40-15:00: general discussion + reviewer consulting

Final Review meeting for the EC project SUBTLE: Sub KT Transistors and Sensors
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