The final review meeting of the three years EC founded project SUBTLE will be held in Brussels on Dec. 1st, 2009.

The project has seen NiPS laboratory to cooperate with 7 european partners for the design and realization of SUB KT TRANSISTORS AND SENSORS.

On Dec. 1st the final review of the project ended on Sept. 30 2009, will have the follwowing agenda:

10:00-10.20: Introduction by coordinator: overview and general aspects
10.20 -12.00: Technical presentation: 15 min for each WP + 5 min discussion given by WP leaders
                   WP1: Theory of electrical switching and sensing
                   WP2: Technologies for subthermal switching devices
                   WP3: EC feedback and single SR devices
                   WP4: Multiterminal nodes
                   WP5: Sensors & noise enhanced switching
13.00-13.20: summary by coordinator
13.20-13.40: management + financial status
13.40-15:00: general discussion + reviewer consulting

Luca Gammaitoni from NiPS Laboratory will report on progresses on WP5: Sensors & noise enhanced switching

More details on the project are available at the project website:

EC VI FP project SUBTLE Final Review Meeting in Brussels
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