The FET Proactive EC funded project NANOPOWER starts officially on Aug 1, 2010.

The NANPOWER project sees the participation of 6 research teams form 5 different countries:

  • Università di Perugia UNIPG (IT) Coordinator
  • Julius-Maximilians Universitaet Wuerzburg UWUERZ (DE)
  • Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus VTT (FI)
  • Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology ICN (ES)
  • Universite de Geneve   UNIGE (CH)
  • Università di Camerino   UNICAM (IT)

The goal of NANOPOWER is the design and realization of energy efficient new concept ICT devices as stated in the Proposal abstract:

Nanoscale energy management is a new, exciting field that is gaining increasing importance with the realization that a new generation of micro-to-nanoscale devices aimed at sensing, processing, actuating and communication will not be possible without solving the powering issue. The scientific objective of this project is thus to study energy efficiency with the specific aim of identifying new directions for energy-harvesting technologies at the nanometre and molecular scale. The technological objective of the project is to integrate such technologies into autonomous nanoscale systems to allow new, low-power ICT architectures to find their way into devices. In a joint effort, the NANOPOWER consortium composed by word leading experts in the fabrication of Si and III-V semiconductor nanodevices, fundamental and applied modelling as well as design and integration of ICT architectures will fabricate, test and evaluate new challenging prototype devices: “nanomechanical nonlinear oscillators”, “phonon rectifiers” and “quantum harvesters”, addressing applied prototypes and non-equilibrium processes down to the quantum level.

The project has a duration of three years (2010-2013) and a total budget of over 3 M€



NANOPOWER, EC funded project starts on Aug. 1, 2010
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