NiPS lab, together with other three laboratories has submitted a proposal for a Coordinated Action activity under FPVII of the European Commission. The proposal, entitled ZEROPOWER (Co-ordinating Research Efforts Towards Zero-Power ICT) is aimed at networking research activities in the field of energy efficient ICT, as reported in the proposal abstract:

The goal of this proposal is to create a coordination activity among consortia involved in “Toward Zero-Power ICT” funded projects and communities of scientists interested in low power, energy efficient ICT, aimed at assessing the impact of our research efforts and proposing measures to increase the visibility of ICT-Energy related initiatives to the scientific community, targeted industries and to the public at large through exchange of information, dedicated networking events and media campaigns. The ZEROPOWER activities will inspire more research projects in this emerging area by generating broader acceptance for the developed technology and the benefits of its applications. ZEROPOWER will facilitate broader interaction and feedback among the “Toward Zero-Power ICT” consortia members and stakeholders, thereby, consolidating progress in the field. Positive benefits to the European Community are foreseen in all great challenges of energy, security, environment and health by developing a strategic research agenda in low power, energy efficient ICT and making it happen.

The proposal has been submitted under the FET Proactive ICT Call 6 (FP7-ICT-2009-6) and the groups participating are: 

  • Università di Perugia, UNIPG (IT) (Coordinator)
  • University College Cork, National University of Ireland, TNI-UCC (IR)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcellona, UAB (SP)
  • University of Glasgow, UGLA (UK)




ZEROPOWER, NiPS is leading the initiative for a Coordinated Action proposal in FET Proactive Call 6
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