Wisepower srl (www.wisepower.it) a spin-off company of NiPS Laboratory at the University of Perugia has been selected among the italian companies to represent Italy as an example of innovation at the expo shanghai 2010 world exhibition.

Wisepower srl is aimed at the design and prototyping of a new class of energy generators for mobile devices. This mission originates from the discovery, made in the university laboratory, of a new technology that significantly improves the performances of a wide class of electric power generators. Based on this new technology and on the long-standing experience of the inventors in research activities, they decided to give birth to a company aimed at applying this technology to designing micro energy generators for mobile devices.

Informations on the list of selected companies is available at the italian ministry web site: http://www.innovazionepa.gov.it/lazione-del-ministro/eventi-e-progetti/shanghai-2010/italia-degli-innovatori-la-selezione.aspx

The competition web site where all the innovative companies are listed is managed by the high tech review WIRED at: www.italianvalley.it.

If you want to support our company please go to: http://www.italianvalley.it/ProjectDetail/200/2/Generatori-multitask-per-gli-ambienti-urbani-.aspx and vote with 5 stars!


Wisepower srl, NiPS lab university spin-off, selected to represent Italy at SHANGHAI 2010
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