The aim of the Networking Session entitled "Energy efficient ICT: toward zero-power devices for a greener planet" is to bring together European experts at the cutting-edge of developing efficient low-power ICT devices that harvest most of their energy from the environment with a positive impact on the ICT carbon footprint for a greener and healthier planet.

The Session will take place during the International Conference ICT2010 (Brussels 27-29 September, 2010)  on 28th September 2010 in Brussels at room T 010 from 14:00-15:30.

Participation: open to all

Session program

14.00 Session introduction (L. Gammaitoni)
14.10 Round table coordinated by Justin Mullins (Scientific journalist)
– Werner Escher (ETH Zurich/ IBM Research Zurich Research Laboratory, CH)
– Roberto Zafalon (STMicroelectronics, EU Projects Director)
– H. Vocca (Wisepower srl, IT)
– NiPS
15.00 Proposals for ongoing/future activities
– ZEROPOWER Coordinated Action (D. Paul, University of Glasgow UK)
– Micro Energy day (L. Alfonsi, NiPS Lab, University of Perugia IT)
– MINECC: Minimising Energy Consumption of Computing to the Limit. (R. Stuebner, EC ICT-FET Proactive) slides
– Conclusions (L. Gammaitoni)

More information can be found HERE:

This activity is developed within the EC (FET Proactive) Project NANOPOWER: Nanoscale energy management for powering ICT devices (FPVII, GA N. 256959) –


Tue, 2010-09-28 14:00 – 15:30 


NiPS at ICT2010: Sept. 28 at 14.00 – Networking Session devoted to Energy Harvesting
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