Professor Luca Gammaitoni

NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica Università di Perugia


THURSDAY OCTOBER 28 – 15.15 (coffee will be served from 14.45)


Kinetic energy harvesting has been the subject of a significant research effort in the last twenty years, mainly motivated by the increasing need of reliable, cheap, durable, efficient solutions for powering the new generations of microelectronic devices.

Unfortunately most of the energy available at the micro and nanoscales comes in the form of random vibrations with a wide spectrum of frequencies while standard harvesting methods are based on linear oscillators that are resonantly tuned in narrow frequency ranges.

In this talk prof. Gammaitoni briefly reviews the physics of fluctuations at micro and nanoscale and present a novel approach to energy harvesting based on the exploitation of random vibrations via nonlinear stochastic dynamics. Examples of piezoelectric energy conversion are discussed.


PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM is arranged by Fysikcentrum Göteborg; Questions, comments and suggestions for speakers to apell@chalmers.se or 0702-666 407

L. Gammaitoni, Harvesting Fluctuations: PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM at Chalmers University of Technology (SV)
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