The Micro-Energy day has come!

On June 21st NiPS will celebrated the third Micro-Energy Day as part of our activities in the ZEROPOWER Coordination Action!

The initiative is presented in and is part of the initiatives organized during the 2012 European Sustainable Energy Week. 

Join us in Perugia, Barcelona, Wuerzburg and Delft to celebrate the importance of the microenergies in our daily life.
Microenergies are all those energies that are often disregarded as unimportant but instead play a significant role in our daily life. As an example… when you run out of battery in your mobile phone and really need to make that call !!! The amount of energy involved in this case is really very small compared to the energy that makes your car going but its absence appears to be very important to you…

In Perugia: pictures available here: PICTURES

Micro-Energy Day 2012
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