Summer School "Energy harvesting at micro and nanoscales"

Workshop "Energy harvesting: models and applications"

Erice (IT), July 23-27, 2012


The Noise in Physical System Laboratory is glad to announce the third edition of NiPS Summer School and Workshop devoted to "Energy harvesting at micro and nanoscales".

The school, supported by European Commission under the FET Proactive Coordination and Support Action ZEROPOWER (, is open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, and in general to all scientists interested in the physical foundations and practical applications of energy harvesting at micro and nanoscales. As part of the school there is a workshop where the students and external participants can present the result of their research. The workshop covers a wider range of subjects under the title of “Energy harvesting: models and applications” and is open to contributions.

Previous editions of NiPS Summer School have seen in two years the participation of more then 50 students and young researchers from all over the world. Please visit the following links for information on previous editions, together with the slides of the lectures and photos of the events:


Some of the topics covered at the school:

• Introduction to Energy Harvesting (EH)
• Linear and non-linear vibration Harvesting
• Thermoelectric efficiency
• Noise rectification
• Phonon engineering for EH
• MEMS/NEMS design and realization
• Micro/Nano devices for EH
• ICT applications of EH
• Future technological trends: Beyond CMOS technology and Energy Efficiency.


– M. Buttiker (University of Geneva)
– G. Fagas (Tyndall Institute)
– F. Marchesoni (University of Camerino)
– D. Paul (University of Glasgow)
– H. Vocca (University of Perugia)
– W. Venstra (TU Delft)
– L. Worsheck (University of Wuerzburg)

General Program

Jul. 23: Arrival
    16.30 -17.00   Registration
    17.00 -18.00   Gammaitoni – Presentation of the school
    18.00 -19.00   Alfonsi – Science communication training 1
    19.00 -20:00   Welcome cocktail

Jul. 24:
      9.00 -10.50   Marchesoni –  Microenergies: Noise and fluctuations
    11.10 -13.00   Venstra – Introduction to micro-electromechanical systems
    15.30 -16.50   Cottone – Introduction to vibration harvesting
    17.10 -18.30   Vocca – Non-linear vibration harvesting
    18.30 -19.30   Alfonsi – Science communication training 2

Jul. 25:
      9.00 -10.50   Buttiker – Introduction to mesoscopic physics 1
    11.10 -13.00   Paul –  Advances on thermoelectrics for energy harvesting
    15.30 -16.50   Worschech –  Quantum energy harv. in nanoelectronic devices
    17.10 -18.30   Abadal – Energy harv. and storage from electromagnetic radiation sources
    21.00 -23.00   Poster session

Jul. 26:
      9.00 -10.50   Buttiker – Introduction to mesoscopic physics 2
    11.10 -12.30   Baglio – Advances in nonlinear MEMS harvesters
    Afternoon       Excursion

Jul. 27:
    9.00 – 13.00    Workshop: Energy harvesting: models and applications
    15.30 – 19.00  Workshop: Energy harvesting: models and applications
    20.30              Gala dinner

Jul. 28: Departure 


Scientific Director

Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Perugia 

The school is hosted by the newly established International School on Statistical Physics at Ettore Majorana Centre (directors P. Hanggi and F. Marchesoni).


NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Perugia

via Pascoli 1 – I-06123 – Perugia (Italy)

NiPS Summer School 2012 is approaching!
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