Tues 26th and Weds 27th March 2013 at the EACO (Energy Aware COmputing) workshop series in Bristol, Prof. L. Gammaitoni presented a talk entitled: "Towards zero-power computing". Fundamental limits toward zero-power computing were briefly discussed together with the scientific perspective to bring together software and hardware energy-aware strategies for the future ICT.


The Energy Aware COmputing workshop series was initiated in February 2011 by Dr. Kerstin Eder & Prof. David May of the Microelectronics Research Group. It is supported by the University of Bristol Institute for Advanced Studies and industry sponsorship.Its aim is to bring together researchers and engineers with interests in energy-aware computing for discussions to identify intellectual challenges that can be developed into collaborative research projects. We strive to go significantly beyond the current state of the art.

EACO Workshop in Bristol – L. Gammaitoni speaks
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