Heidelberg, 23 October, 2013


NiPS Laboratory is the coordinator of the new coordination action entitled "ICT-Energy" that has just celebrated the "kick-off" meeting at the university of Heidelberg.

The meeting, hosted by Prof. Vincent Heuveline and his staff, has seen the participation of all the 10 partners of this EC funded project under objective ICT-2013.9.8 (Coordinating communities, identifying new research topics for FET Proactive initiatives and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue).

ICT-Energy is aimed at creating a coordination activity among consortia involved in the ICT-ENERGY subject with specific aim at bringing together the existing “Toward Zero-Power ICT” community organized within the ZEROPOWER C.A. and the novel “MINECC” (Minimising energy consumption of computing to the limit.

The ten partners are:

1 (Coordinator) NiPS Laboratory, Università di Perugia
2 Roskilde University
3 University Heidelberg
4 Barcelona Supercomputing Center
5 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
6 Aalborg University – Denmark
7 Hitachi Europe Limited
8 University of Bristol
9 University of Glasgow
10 University College Cork, National University of Ireland


(in the picture: the Hitachi presentation at the meeting)

The new coordination action “ICT-Energy” just started…
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