Micro Energy Harvesting

Danick Briand (Editor), Eric Yeatman (Editor), Shad Roundy (Editor), Oliver Brand(Series Editor), Gary K. Fedder (Series Editor), Christofer Hierold (Series Editor), Jan G. Korvink (Series Editor), Osamu Tabata (Series Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-31902-2 – 490 pages, April 2015
Chapter 2 devoted to Fundamentals of Mechanics and Dynamics, Helios Vocca and Luca Gammaitoni


2.1 Introduction 

2.2 Strategies for Micro Vibration Energy Harvesting 

2.2.1 Piezoelectric 

2.2.2 Electromagnetic 

2.2.3 Electrostatic 

2.2.4 From Macro to Micro to Nano 

2.3 Dynamical Models for Vibration Energy Harvesters 

2.3.1 Stochastic Character of Ambient Vibrations 

2.3.2 Linear Case 1: Piezoelectric Cantilever Generator 

2.3.3 Linear Case 2: Electromagnetic Generator 

2.3.4 Transfer Function 

2.4 Beyond Linear Micro-Vibration Harvesting 

2.4.1 Frequency Tuning 

2.4.2 Multimodal Harvesting 

2.4.3 Up-Conversion Techniques 

2.5 Nonlinear Micro-Vibration Energy Harvesting 

2.5.1 Bistable Oscillators: Cantilever 

2.5.2 Bistable Oscillators: Buckled Beam 

2.5.3 Monostable Oscillators 

2.6 Conclusions 




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Published the book on Micro Energy Harvesting with contributions from NiPS
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