The NiPS laboratory invites applications for a PhD position in Physics for studying innovative piezoelectric material for Energy Harvesting.

The huge number of electronic devices called IoT (Internet of Things) requires miniaturized, autonomous and ecologically sustainable power sources. A possible source of power for these devices is given by the conversion of vibrational energy into electrical energy through piezoelectric materials. However, the most efficient of these materials contain lead which makes the system potentially toxic and non-recyclable. It is therefore necessary to study possible alternatives, to micro and nano scales, which have a neutral impact on the environment. The proposed research concerns the study of innovative piezoelectric materials based on thin films and two-dimensional materials for energy harvesting applications from mechanical vibrations. The proposed research activity involves the growth of piezoelectric films and their characterization as well as the simulation and characterization of nano-scale systems exhibiting piezoelectric properties.

The applications close on 28/10/2021.
For further informations please contact Dr. Igor Neri (igor.neri [at], Dr. Francesco Cottone (francesco.cottone [at] or Prof. Luca Gammaitoni (luca.gammaitoni [at],

PhD opportunity on Innovative Materials for Energy Harvesting
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