Electrochemical accumulators and electrolytes

Content of the lecture:
  • Introduction to electrochemical storage systems
  • Lithium-based batteries: constituent materials and functional properties
  • Different types of electrolytes: liquid, polymer and solid-state conductors
  • Focus on ionic liquid additives and gel polymer electrolytes
  • Perspectives and alternative chemistries (calcium-based batteries)
Teacher: Prof. Maria Assunta Navarra

Master degree in Chemistry and PhD in Materials Science, M.A. Navarra is researcher in Physical Chemistry at Sapienza University of Rome, where she is teaching electrochemical methods and devices. In 2007 she received the international ENI ITALGAS prize “Debut in Research” and the Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Italian Chemical Society, Electrochemistry Division. She is chart-member of Eco Recycling, a spin-off of Sapienza University of Rome, dealing with the recovery of raw materials from electrical and electronic wastes. At the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University of Rome, she is leading the group of Electrochemistry and Nanotechnologies for Advanced Materials (ENAM). Her research is focused on functional materials for energy storage and conversion, mainly, electrolytes for batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers.