Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting

Content of the lecture:
  • Motivation and application examples
    • Wireless sensors, battery charging, human implants
  • Overview and general properties of different frequency bands
  • Inductive principle (LF/HF)
    • Coil parameters
    • Resonant operation
    • Load modulation
  • Electromagnetic principle (UHF/SHF)
    • Key components of a transmission line
    • Link budget – calculating a transmission line
    • Backscatter modulation
  • Standards and Limitations
  • Conclusion and introduction of poster


Teacher: Dr. Ing. Gerd vom Boegel

Gerd vom Boegel received the Diploma degree in electrical engineering from the University Duisburg in 1992. He joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Micro­electronic Circuits and Systems in Duisburg working in the field of system design technique for embedded systems. He received the Dr.-Ing. degree from the University Duisburg in 1999. At present he is responsible for the development of transponder and RF systems at Fraunhofer Institute.