Nonlinear micro-systems for vibration energy harvesting

Content of the lecture:

Harvesting energy at micro-scale is an enabling technology for the diffusion of self-powering electronics and for the future development of to the Internet of Things (IoT). Energy harvesting systems must increase their power density in order to meet the power demand of wireless microelectronics. On the other hand, the scaling and the production cost and of this technology must be decreased and also alternatives to high cost clean-room based fabrication facilities are needed. In this regards, 3D micro additive manufacturing and nonlinear dynamical systems shows a great potential to address these problems. In this lecture and the recent advancements in the nonlinear vibrational energy harvesting systems with an insight of 3D printed sub-centimeter electrostatic generator will be illustrated.

Teacher: Dr. Francesco Cottone

Francesco COTTONE is researcher and member of the NiPS laboratory at Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia, Italy. Since his Ph.D in Physics in 2008, he has been principal investigator and responsible of scientific international projects related to nonlinear
vibrational energy harvesting systems, from macro to micro scale. He has record of more than 90 referred publications and served as scientific committee member of international conferences.