The project “Micro and Nano Energy Harvesting” presented by NiPS Laboratory has been selected by the expert of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to be presented during the meeting on 22-26 June in Hong Kong.


Background of the Project:

The main goal of our work is the invention, design and prototipation of a new class of micro-powering systems for the energy consumption of stand-alone micro-electronic apparata like sensors or actuators. These powering systems are aimed at integrating/substituting the standard batteries even in electronic mobile devices of bigger dimensions. The principle of operation of these new micro-generators is based on the exploitation of energy present in the ambient (e.g. vibrations) and its conversion into electric power by using non-linear dynamics approach. The powering systems devised and prototyped by NipsLab can be used for all the stand-alone applications where a continuous energy supply is needed (wireless sensors…) and offer a good response in terms of dimension, duration, performance and environmental impact.

Traditional batteries cannot be used for micro-devices for their big dimensions and for the environmental pollution caused by the heavy metals and polluting elements with which they are made. In electronic apparata the traditional batteries offer a short-time duration and their performances decrease in time for the number of usage cycles.

Our powering systems can be well produced and scaled in micro-dimensions and are made mostly of recyclable or low polluting materials.

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“Micro and Nano Energy Harvesting”: NiPS lab got first on Soft-landing Porgramme Evaluation Result
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