Powering the Internet of Things 2019

Perugia (Italy) September 3 – 6, 2019

This is the second Summer School organized by NiPS Laboratory in collaboration with the E.C. funded project EnaBLES.

The EnABLES Summer School, bringing together international scientists from academia, research centres and industry in the subject area of Energy Harvesting, offers the opportunity to young researchers to be aware of the state of art and moreover to generate newly founded enthusiasm for groundbreaking technologies in the field of energy harvesting and energy transformation at micro and nanoscales, and its use for powering sensing and communicating devices

Energy management in self-powered smart sensor and devices is required by IoT innovation, and this Summer School is a great opportunity to bring new blood to the power IoT community, a strategic way to prepare a new generation of “powering the IoT” researchers, encouraging collaborations and the comparison between different and complementary competences, not only for graduates and PhD students, but also for researchers from industry and academia.

Scientific program:

Day 1 (Tuesday, September the 3rd)

Fundamentals on Energy:

  • Fundamentals on energy (Igor Neri – University of Perugia, Italy) | Slides

Energy Harvesting:

  • Thermoelectrics: from materials to applications (Jean-Yves Escabasse – CEA-Liten, France) | Slides
  • Electroactive materials for energy conversion (Maurizio Mattarelli – University of Perugia, Italy)
  • Linear and non-linear vibration energy harvesting (Francesco Cottone – University of Perugia, Italy)

Poster session & flash presentation


Day 2 (Wednesday, September the 4th)

Energy Harvesting:


Day 3 (Thursday, September the 5th)

Energy Storage:

Micro-Power Management:


 Day 4 (Friday, September the 6th)

System Integration:


Poster session & flash presentation



All logistic information and the registration procedure can be found here.